How to do carotid sinus massage

What is a carotid sinus massage used for?

Carotid sinus massage is a major diagnostic test for carotid sinus hypersensitivity, which may be manifested as dizziness or syncope. Carotid sinus massage is also used in emergency settings to diagnose or treat paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia.

When should you do a carotid massage?

Carotid sinus massage (CSM) is performed to terminate some supraventricular tachycardias (SVTs), such as AV node reentry and AV reentry SVTs. It may also be useful for sinoatrial (SA) reentrant SVT. CSM can be helpful to diagnose the atrial rhythm during a tachycardia by producing AV block.

How do you perform a vagal maneuver?

Types of Vagal Maneuvers Valsalva maneuver . Hold your nose, close your mouth, and try to blow the air out. Cough. Gag. Hold your knees against your chest: Do it for a minute. Cold water treatment. Carotid sinus massage: Only a doctor should perform this one: Lie down and stick out your chin.

Who can perform carotid massage?

In summary, there are two indications for CSM: As part of diagnostic tools to clarify underlying pathology of syncope CSM should be performed only by an experienced physician with ECG control and after sonographic exclusion of carotid atherosclerosis if no other explanations are reasonable.

What happens if you massage your carotid artery?

One caution about massage . The carotid arteries , which run along either side of the neck , have nerve endings that respond to changes in blood pressure. Massaging these sensors can decrease the heart rate, sometimes enough to cause fainting.

What happens when carotid sinus is pressed?

by mechanical stimulation of the receptors in its wall, produces reflexly bradycardia and peripheral vasodilatation. On the other hand, pressure applied below the carotid sinus , by occluding the carotid artery , causes hypotension in the sinus , and produces reflexly tachycardia and peri- pheral vasoconstriction.

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How can I slow down my tachycardia naturally?

2. Do vagal maneuvers Take a cold shower, splash cold water on your face, or apply a cold towel or icepack to your face for 20-30 seconds. The “shock” of the cold water helps stimulate the nerve. Chant the word “Om” or cough or gag. Hold your breath or bear down like you’re having a bowel movement.

Why is carotid massage done?

Carotid sinus massage is a simple bedside maneuver that helps to clarify the type and sometimes also the mechanism of different rhythm disturbances. The major indication for carotid sinus massage is the dlagnosis of tachyarrhythmias in which the atrial activity is either absent or intermittently present.

Where is the carotid sinus in the neck?

It is localized near the arterial pulse, inferior to the angle of the mandible at the level of the thyroid cartilage. The carotid sinus contains baroreceptors (stretch receptors), which are sensitive to pressure changes in the arterial blood pressure.

How do I restore my vagal tone?

How to Restore Vagal Tone Take a cold shower in the morning. I know, I know cold showers in the morning sound like torture to some, but this is an ancient Chinese remedy that does help stimulate the vagus nerve . Sing, laugh, hug. Take care of your gut. Alter heart rate variability. Reduce jaw tension.

How can I increase my vagal tone?

Singing, Humming, Chanting and Gargling The vagus nerve is connected to your vocal cords and the muscles at the back of your throat. Singing, humming, chanting and gargling can activate these muscles and stimulate your vagus nerve . And this has been shown to increase heart-rate variability and vagal tone (12).

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How can I stimulate the vagus nerve?

One of the main ways that you can stimulate the healthy function of the vagus nerve is through deep, slow belly breathing. Breathe more slowly (aim for six breaths per minute). Breathe more deeply, from the belly. Think about expanding your abdomen and widening your rib cage as you inhale. Exhale longer than you inhale.

How do you do a carotid massage for SVT?

Carotid Massage : This technique is performed with the patient’s neck in an extended position, the head turned away from the side being massaged. Only one side should be massaged at a time. Pressure is applied underneath the angle of the jaw in a gentle circular motion for about 10 seconds.

What is carotid sinus syndrome?

Carotid sinus syndrome (CSS) is a disease of the autonomic nervous system presenting with syncope, especially in older males who often have cardiovascular disease. The aetiology is unknown and epidemiological data is limited.

What is carotid sinus reflex?

A hypersensitive carotid sinus reflex is defined by a slowing in heart rate of more than 50 percent or a decline in systolic pressure by more than 40 mmHg during carotid sinus massage. 83. However, less than 50 percent of patients with carotid hypersensitivity have syncope as a result.

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