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Is John Hardy a luxury brand?

John Hardy Jewelry is a Sustainable Luxury . John Hardy is an international diamond jewelry brand that was founded in 1975. Inspired by unique Asian designs, this handcrafted jewelry line for men and women has become one of the leading luxury jewelry brands in the world.

How can you tell if a John Hardy bracelet is real?

If it isn’t there, you can bet it’s a fake. all John Hardy jewelry is stamped “JH” on the back. Some pieces are also personally signed “GB” by head designer Guy Bedarida. John Hardy jewelry also bears a “925” mark if it’s sterling silver or an “18K” mark if it contains gold.

Who owns Hardy?

Catterton Partners

How old is John Hardy?

45 лет (1975 г.)

How do you clean John Hardy jewelry?

The best way to clean your John Hardy jewelry is to use lukewarm water, a mild dish detergent with no additives and a linen cloth that won’t leave fabric particles behind. Gently brush your piece with a soft brush and pat dry, to avoid oxidation. We also offer complimentary jewelry cleaning at our John Hardy boutiques.

Where does Hardy live?


Is John Hardy better than David Yurman?

Often times we get asked which is better John Hardy or David Yurman . That is not to say Yurman doesn’t have very bold pieces but that is a general rule of thumb. As far as the quality goes, you are in great shape with both of them, but when it comes to attention to detail we have to give John Hardy the edge.

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What does JH mean on jewelry?

JH as a hallmark in jewelry usually represents John Hardy . His jewelry is primarily Sterling silver, but he did make pieces that had gold incorporated in the design. If it was solid it was either 14K or 18K.

What height is Tom Hardy?

1.75 m

Is Jai jewelry part of John Hardy?

Calling all arm party addicts: JAI John Hardy , a lower-priced line from the sterling silver pros at John Hardy , is launching today on QVC. Heartfelt sharing happens to be a specialty of John Hardy jewelry stylist Scott Grimes, whose travels across Southeast Asia with the brand inspire the JAI collections.

Where was John Hardy born?


Who wrote John Hardy?

Chris Smither

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