The fox tan vs bali body

Is the Fox Tan bad for your skin?

In addition to no guarantees, there are no returns. Finally, on a safety note, The Fox Tan’s products don’t contain sunscreen. Meanwhile, the FDA warns: “There is no such thing as a safe tan . The increase in skin pigment, called melanin, which causes the tan color change in your skin is a sign of damage.”

Does the Fox tan really work?

This stuff actually works ! I started using it after I had already started going to the tanning bed and the difference that it makes is crazy. It smells amazing and keeps my skin really soft too. I put this on every night before bed and then use my normal accelerator and it really makes a difference!

Which is better the Fox tan mist or elixir?

Use a week prior to going tanning then use the tanning mist spray once you go out in the sun. The elixir promises you a golden base when you can’t get the UV rays while the mist is a powerful booster that results in to-die-for golden skin.

Does Bali body work on pale skin?

Best of all Bali Body has a range of Tanning Oils that contain sun protection that can be used on fair skin . The sun won’t be as intense as it would be after 12pm, but you’ll still be able to build a bronzed glow in the sun gradually, resulting in a longer lasting tan.

How often should I apply Fox tan?

Continue to use daily during periods of consistent sunshine. Step 2: First start by giving your Rapid Mist bottle a good shake. Then spray liberally onto skin and rub in when gaining UV exposure, let this settle into your skin.

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Does Fox tan work on fair skin?

Our products work by stimulating melanin production in the skin which is VITAL for the tanning process! The more melanin you produce the easier it is to tan , which is also great for our fair skin babes! The key for fair skin tones is to apply the Elixir daily 5-7 days prior to sun exposure.

How do I use my Fox tan for best results?

Step 1: Apply our Rapid Elixir every day, 3-5 days before sun or sunbed exposure. This is your preparation phase. Our active and exclusive FoxComplex® will begin to kick in and start building your melanin levels, ready for your ultimate tanning potential. Continue to use daily during periods of consistent sunshine.

Are tan accelerators safe?

Using tan accelerators for a long time has been found to increase the risk of skin cancer. When taken by mouth, the possible side effects of tan accelerator products include nausea, headaches and itchy skin.

Are there safe ways to tan?

The only safe way to tan is to use a self- tanning product or get a spray tan . Most self- tanning products and sprays are safe and FDA approved. These cosmetics do not penetrate the skin to cause harm like UV rays, and instead, just coat the outer layer.

What does Fox Tan rapid Elixir do?

The Rapid Elixir has been formulated to rapidly speed up your natural tanning process. The secret is that our Elixir prepares your skin by boosting melanin production before you hit the sun or sunbed which is vital for the tanning process. This means you’ll ready for your deepest darkest tanning potential from Day 1.

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What is the best tanning accelerator?

Top 5 Best Tanning Accelerators of Summer 2017 Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Spray. The classic… ProTan Radically Hemp. ProTan Radically Hemp is a powerful dark tanning accelerator. Protan All About The Base. It’s all about the base. Protan Simply Instantly Black. Pro Tan Instantly Black is an ultra-powerful dark bronzing lotion. Fiesta Coconut Dream.

How do you get tan fast?

How to get a tan faster Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Change positions frequently. Eat foods that contain beta carotene. Try using oils with naturally occurring SPF. Don’t stay outside for longer than your skin can create melanin. Eat lycopene-rich foods. Choose your tanning time wisely.

Can you leave Bali body on overnight?

The Bali Body Self Tan is perfectly safe to be left on overnight . It is a quick drying mousse that you can sleep in if preferred. We recommend leaving the fake tan on the skin anywhere between 1-8 hours depending on your desired colour.

Can I put Bali body on my face?

Just apply it like you would a toner, ensuring it hits your nose, chin, cheeks , forehead and hairline. Bring it down your neck and décolletage as much as you like and blend it in like you would your BB Cream, ensuring its applied all over.

Is Bali body good for your skin?

Bali Body Tanning Oils, Skincare and Suncare were made for babes with sensitive skin . Our hero product Natural Tanning & Body Oil is the perfect everyday body oil to reduce eczema by providing long lasting hydration to the skin and anti-bacterial protection.

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