Scott rush bali nine

What happened to Scott Rush Bali 9?

Scott Anthony Rush (born 3 October 1985), an Australian former labourer, was convicted in Indonesia for drug trafficking as a member of the Bali Nine . On 10 May 2011, Rush’s death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment on appeal to the Indonesian Supreme Court.

Where is Scott rush now?

Rush is held in the Bangli Narcotic prison in Bali. ‘Our son made the wrong decision many years ago when he was just a 19-year-old adolescent.

What happened to Nikki Butler and Scott Rush?

Scott Rush and his fiancee, Nikki Butler , in Kerobokan prison in 2014 before he moved to a different jail. After his death penalty was transmuted to a life sentence, in 2014 Rush was transferred, at his request, to a prison in Karangasem, East Bali, in order “to improve himself”.

How many of the Bali 9 are dead?

In April 2005, nine Australians – the “Bali Nine” – were convicted for attempting to smuggle 8.3 kg ( 18 lb) of heroin out of Indonesia. The heroin was valued at around A$ 4 million and was bound for Australia. Ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were sentenced to death and executed on 29 April 2015.

How did Bali Nine get caught?

The Bali Nine were arrested ten years earlier on Myuran Sukumaran’s 24th birthday, he in a hotel at Bali’s Kuta Beach and Chan at Ngurah rai airport. Chan was carrying no drugs, but police arrested four mules with most the heroin strapped to their bodies, Renae Lawrence, Martin Stephens, Michael Czugaj and Scott Rush.

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How many years is a life sentence in Bali?

But not for another nine years . Under Indonesian law, prisoners serving life terms can apply for a determinant sentence of 20 years .

Why did Renae Lawrence get a lesser sentence?

She has been released before her full term of 20 years due to Indonesia’s leniency process, where inmates are granted the opportunity to reduce their sentences twice a year during Independence Day and a religious holiday, for good behaviour, among other unclear reasons.

How many foreigners have been executed in Thailand?

Death sentence Blake was the first Westerner in modern Thailand to face death by shooting. She was the first Western woman in Thailand to be sentenced to death. No western foreigner had been executed in Thailand in preceding decades and there had been no execution of a Thai national on drug charges since the mid-1970s.

Where is Renae Lawrence now?

Lawrence was moved from Kerobokan Prison in late 2013 to a prison in Negara, Bali after authorities accused her of a plot to kill prison guards. At her own request in March 2014, Lawrence was subsequently transferred to a prison in Bangli to be closer to Denpasar for her family and visitors.

Are the Bali 9 still in jail?

Australian Bali Nine member, Renae Lawrence, who served 13 years in an Indonesian prison for drug smuggling, has used Joko Widodo’s arrival in Australia to plead for clemency for the remaining five members of the group still in prison .

Does Thailand have a death penalty?

Thailand retains the death penalty , but carries it out only sporadically. Since 1935 Thailand has executed 326 persons, 319 by gunshot—the last on 11 December 2003—and seven by lethal injection (the latest was executed on 18 June 2018). As of March 2018, 510 persons remain on death row.

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When was the last execution in Indonesia?

There were no executions in 2017 and 2018 and none have been scheduled for 2019, possibly as a result of intense and widespread international criticism the Indonesian government had to face for carrying out the last executions .

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