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Is there an entry fee for Potato Head Bali?

There is no entrance fee for Potato Head Beach club Bali , BUT if you want to a cabana or day bed there is a minimum spend, depending on weather you want a poolside bed or beachfront cabana. We opted for poolside, as we wanted to be able to hop in and out of the amazing infinity pool, with swim up bar easily.

What is Potato Head Bali?

Home to one of the best sunset views in Bali , Potato Head Beach Club has three restaurants, three bars, an infinity pool and large lawn, all overlooking the Indian Ocean. Our programme of parties, exhibitions and installations includes both local and international DJs, musicians, artists and architects.

How much is a day bed at Potato Head Bali?

Potato Head Beach Club Get there nice and early to grab a daybed poolside or find a nice shady spot on the grass with a picnic rug and enjoy a casual lunch with a few signature cocktails. Minimum spending fee: Only applies when making use of the daybeds . (Rp. 500,000 for poolside daybeds and Rp.

How do I book a day bed at Potato Head Bali?

How can I book a reservation? You can make a reservation online at potatohead .co/seminyak or by calling +62 361 4737979 .

What should I wear to Potato Head Bali?

Potato Head Beach Club – Bali Dress code: Casual beachwear- smart casual in restaurants.

What time should you get to Potato Head?

Perhaps the most popular time to visit Potato Head is for sunset, to catch the renowned views across the Indian Ocean. Try to get a seat in Potato Head Lounge, the central bar/restaurant area, so you can enjoy sundown with a cocktail. Your best chance to beat the crowds is to arrive about 2 hours before sunset.

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Do you need to take towels to Potato Head?

You need to take your own towel and get there early for a bed, think you may have to book it. over a year ago.

Is Finns Beach Club free entry?

After 7 pm – entrance is free – Finns Beach Club .

What does Potato Head mean?

noun. 1derogatory A person’s head likened to a potato , either in appearance, as being large, bald, ugly, etc., or as implying stupidity. 2A person whose head is likened to a potato ; a stupid person, a fool.

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