How to get from bali to komodo national park

How far is Komodo National Park from Bali?

484 km

How can you see Komodo dragons from Bali?

Most international destinations fly into Bali or Jakarta. There aren’t direct flights to Komodo National Park, so you’ll fly into Labuan Bajo and take a boat to the park. Most visitors travel to Labuan Bajo from Bali by air (round trip flights cost around $100). Bali . Labuan Bajo. Komodo National Park.

How do you get to Komodo Island from India?

Traveling around Komodo Island can be relatively easy, but to get to Komodo , you first need to travel to Bali and then to Labuan Bajo by either plane or boat, and finally to Komodo Island by boat. A couple of local airlines fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island .

How much does it cost to go to Komodo Island?

391,000 per person based on prices for 5 people and on weekday. All entrance tickets above are valid for one person in one day, so if the next day is still inside the Komodo National Park area, then you must pay the entrance fee according to the activities you do .

How many days do you need in Komodo Island?

We spent two days and a half in the park and it was enough to enjoy the top attractions of Komodo National Park. I would say to do at least a two days trip from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo Islands , then one more day to relax. If you are going to the National Park for some serious diving, I suggest staying a bit longer.

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Is it safe to visit Komodo Island?

Visiting Komodo National Park, Indonesia After 20 million years, these animals know what they’re doing. They are lethal when they want to be. As a visitor to this Komodo dragon preserve, there isn’t much danger, though. In fact, it’s less like Jurassic Park and more like a stroll in the park.

Is Komodo worth visiting?

Picture yourself in one of the over 17,000 islands in the Republic of Indonesia. Komodo , Indonesia is also the place for tourists to enjoy the pink beach as well as to go scuba diving!

Where is the best place to see Komodo dragons?

Komodo National Park

Can you stay on Komodo Island?

The only accommodation on Komodo Island itself is a collection of bungalows that are owned and operated by the National Park. They are usually reserved for special guests and film crews. As such, most visitors to the area spend the night on nearby Flores (usually in Labuan Bajo).

How do I plan a trip to Komodo Island?

11 Tips for Planning a Trip to Komodo Island Plan your route . Komodo Island is located in the lesser Sunda islands , east from Java and Bali. Choose the best time of year. Choose the right time of the month. Choose a tour . Pack the right clothes. Protection from the sun. Cameras ready. Gather your adventurous friends.

Who lives on Komodo Island?

There are 2000 people that live on the island as permanent residents. The religions of the people that live on the island are Hindu, Christianity, and Islamic. Komodo Island is part of a chain of islands known as the Lesser Sunda Chain. Between April and December it is the dry season for Komodo Island .

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How do I get to Komodo Resort?

Komodo Resort is a 1.5-hour boat ride to Labuan Bajo Harbor, and a further 10-minute drive to Komodo Airport. Pink Komodo Beach, which overlooks a stunning Indonesian reef, is a 1.5-hour boat ride away. Rooms have direct beach access and offer a private terrace with sea views.

Is Komodo Island closed to tourists?

However, tourists hoping to access Komodo Island will now have to pay for a $1,000 year-long “membership” to access the area. While this price seems steep it’s still a massive reversal for officials in Indonesia, who announced plans earlier this year to completely close the island to tourists by 2020 .

Will a $1000 entrance fee to a national park save the Komodo dragon?

It will cost $1,000 according to the BBC. Travelers who do not have a membership will be sent to other places that have Komodo dragons . This includes nearby Rinca Island. Additional plans include building a Komodo Research Center on the island as well as restructuring protocols for yacht tourism.

Is Komodo Island Open in 2020?

Indonesia’s famed Komodo Island may close for one year (CNN) — Wildlife fans planning to visit Komodo Island to hang out with the largest lizards on Earth in 2020 will have to adjust their Indonesia travel plans. According to local media, government officials are closing the popular island to tourists for one year.

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