Bali spacer beads

What are spacer beads used for?

A spacer bead normally describes a type of bead that is used between the feature beads or charms within the piece of jewelry. They can be deliberately unnoticeable, as their primary function is to “fill in the blanks”. You would use spacer beads for many reasons.

What size spacer beads do I need?

Typically, your spacer beads are smaller than your focal beads , but not always. Sometimes, they are the same size with your focal beads depending on the design. Since your bead is 6mm, I would recommend you get a spacer bead between 3mm to 4mm. Always remember that, spacer beads helps to frame your focal beads .

Is Bali silver sterling?

Bali silver is made in Indonesia. It is made of Sterling Silver . It is more of a style or design of silver . There is also some Bali “style” beads that are cast from molds made from original Bali beads.

What is a fire polished bead?

Fire Polished Beads are created by hand at the factory Preciosa in the Czech Republic. The beads are machine faceted then heated so the edges are smoothed to a shine, hence the name ” Fire Polish “.

What are crimp beads?

Crimp beads are soft metal beads used in place of knots to secure clasps and beads onto un-knottable stringing material such as beading wire. To use crimps , you will need some flat nose pliers to squash the crimps , or speciality crimping pliers that “fold” the bead into a small volume. First, thread crimp onto wire.

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How big is a 20 mm bead?

Bead Hole Sizes

Czech Fire-Polished Glass Rounds
Bead SizeHole Size mm / inchesMaximum Wrapping Wire Gauge
6mm0.92mm / 0.037″21
8mm0.92mm / 0.037″21
10mm1.03mm / 0.04″20

How big is a 20mm round bead?

The most popular bead is the 20mm bead. It is a bit less than 1 inch across the middle. The 10mm beads and 12mm beads are great for spacers, doll necklaces, and bracelets.

How do you measure beads with a ruler?

How to Calculate Bead Size Place the ruler with the centimeters side from left to right, with 0 on the left side. Place a pencil perpendicular to the rule on the left side, like a T-bone shape. Line up 10 beads at the top of the ruler , starting at 0. Press the first bead at the joint of the ruler and pencil.

Is Thai silver real silver?

Thai Silver “Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry” of Thailand is 97.5-99% pure silver , sterling silver jewelry is 92.5% pure Silver . The high Silver content of Thai Silver makes it softer than Sterling and it does not tarnish near as easy as the copper in Sterling Silver is the alloy that makes it tarnish.

What is Bali silver made of?

Bali silver is sterling silver mixed with pewter for a grayer ton, there are now many cheaper imitations most of which are cast or moulded instead of fabricated by hand.

How do you polish beads?

Using a household glass cleaner spray sparingly a few beads at a time and using a soft absorbent cloth wipe the cleaner off the beads . Keep spraying the cleaner on a few of the beads at a time until all the beads are polished .

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What is Czech glass beads?

Czech glass beads are made from pressed, fire-polished glass . Two terms are important in understanding Czech glass beads . The first is pressed glass . Artisans create these beads by taking heated glass and pressing it into a mold. The glass , since it is so hot, takes the shape of the mold.

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