Bali death penalty

How many of the Bali Nine have been executed?

In April 2005, nine Australians – the ” Bali Nine ” – were convicted for attempting to smuggle 8.3 kg (18 lb) of heroin out of Indonesia. The heroin was valued at around A$4 million and was bound for Australia. Ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were sentenced to death and executed on 29 April 2015.

Has Lindsay Sandiford been executed?

No date had been set for her execution as of August 2017. In February 2018 she was still in Kerobokan Prison in Bali.

When was the last time someone was killed by the death penalty?


What is the penalty for drugs in Indonesia?

As for type-1 narcotics in general, possession can result in charges under Article 115, which carries with it a 12-year prison sentence and Rp 8 billion fine. Providing others with drugs for consumption can carry up to 15 years’ imprisonment and a Rp 10 billion fine, according to Article 116.

Are the Bali 9 still in jail?

Australian Bali Nine member, Renae Lawrence, who served 13 years in an Indonesian prison for drug smuggling, has used Joko Widodo’s arrival in Australia to plead for clemency for the remaining five members of the group still in prison .

Does Australia have the death penalty?

Capital punishment in Australia was a form of punishment in Australia that has been abolished in all jurisdictions. Queensland abolished the death penalty in 1922. New South Wales abolished the death penalty for murder in 1955, and for all crimes in 1985.

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Do any states still use firing squad execution?

Only three states — Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah — still allow the use of firing squads , although lethal injection remains their primary method of execution .

How many foreigners have been executed in Thailand?

Death sentence Blake was the first Westerner in modern Thailand to face death by shooting. She was the first Western woman in Thailand to be sentenced to death. No western foreigner had been executed in Thailand in preceding decades and there had been no execution of a Thai national on drug charges since the mid-1970s.

Has anyone ever survived lethal injection?

Some patients have taken days to die, and a few patients have actually survived the process and have regained consciousness up to three days after taking the lethal dose.

Who is the youngest person on death row right now?

George Stinney

George Junius Stinney Jr.
George Stinney’s 1944 mug shot
BornGeorge Junius Stinney Jr.October 21, 1929 Pinewood, South Carolina, U.S.
DiedJune 16, 1944 (aged 14) Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.
Cause of deathExecution by electrocution

Who was executed in 2020?

In addition, three death row inmates are currently scheduled to be executed in the remainder of the year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of executions have been postponed and rescheduled. List of offenders executed in the United States in 2020 .

NameWilliam Emmett LeCroy, Jr.
Date of birthApril 12, 1970
Age of offenderAt execution50
At offense31
Age difference19

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What medication is illegal in Bali?

Some prescription medications are considered illegal narcotics in Indonesia, so if you require drugs including morphine , sleeping pills or medication for ADHD, double-check with the Indonesian embassy. The legal drinking age is 21. Gambling is illegal in Indonesia.

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Is alcohol legal in Bali?

Currently, there are no alcohol bans being enforced in Indonesia, with the exception of Aceh. Also in 2015, the Indonesian government banned the sale of alcohol from minimarkets and small shops, with the exception of Bali province, though sale was allowed in supermarkets, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels.

Does Thailand have the death penalty for drugs?

Thailand retains the death penalty , but carries it out only sporadically. Thai law permits the imposition of a death sentence for 35 crimes, including offences against the king, murder , and drug trafficking.

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