Bali clothes manufacturers

Where can I get clothes made in Bali?

Best clothing manufacturer in Bali YOGI and BOO Clothing Manufacturer. Kuta. Cv. Bad Ass Garment. Denpasar. The Pirate Way. Legian. King Trading Manufacturer. Seminyak. Siobhan and Fionnuala Garment Manufacturing. Denpasar. House of Ioco. Seminyak. Divine Diva. Seminyak. Harris Darmawan Garment. Denpasar.

Who are the best clothing manufacturers?

Table 2: Top Specialty Clothing Manufacturers

CompanyAnnual Sales
1Carhartt Inc.250+
2NASCO Industries25-49.9
4Speedline Athletic Wear10-24.9

What clothing brands are made in Indonesia?

6 Clothing Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Were Made in Indonesia Day and Night. Day and Night. Get Dirrty. Get Dirrty. PVRA. Pvra. Seratus Kapas. Seratus Kapas. Cotton Ink. Cotton Ink. Public Culture. Public Culture.

How do I find a manufacturer to make clothes?

Fashion 101: How to Find a Manufacturer Figure out what you are making. Different countries make different items. Determine your product’s price point. Think about where you’d like the product made. Start to research manufacturers . Interview your manufacturer . Send them drawings. Check your calendars. Have them make and cost a sample.

How do you get clothes made in China?

Find Chinese wholesale clothing manufactures from fashion exhibitions in China . Try Online B2B Marketplace in China . Try sourcing companies to help you find the wholesale clothing manufacturers in China . Use Linkedin as one of your sourcing methods. 6 Big Wholesale Clothing Manufactures in China .

Where can I buy swimwear in Bali?

BSO. Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai no. WA 085 259 021 652. Sunday to Saturday, 9am-10:30pm. OSO. Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai no. 417B. (0361) 766646. Gooseberry Seaside. Jl Kayu Aya no.117x. Sunday to Saturday, 9am to 9pm. Rip Curl. Jl. Sunset Road no. Kuta. (0361) 754455. Bali Boat Shed. Jl. Kayu Aya. 0812-3856-148. Sunday to Saturday, 8am-10pm.

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Why is Zara so cheap?

The company that owns Zara , Inditex , also owns the factories that the clothing is produced in. To keep their prices down, they hire cheap labor and use lower quality materials so that they can produce clothing relatively inexpensively.

Which country has the best fabrics?

Countries with the Best Quality Fabric Ghana. Ghana is famous to save its tradition where oil, timber, and gold are the symbols of their ancient culture. Nigeria. India. Pakistan. China . Morocco. Malaysia.

Where is most clothing manufactured?

Most of our clothes are made overseas in rural and poor areas as it’s much cheaper and more work gets done. The countries where most of our clothes are made , from the high street are made in are Bangladesh, India, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Is Calvin Klein made in Indonesia?

BoF investigates how the tropical islands of Bali, Java and Sumatra have become manufacturing hotspots for global fashion brands like H&M, Calvin Klein and Uniqlo.

What is the main product of Indonesia?

The country is a major exporter of crude petroleum and natural gas. In addition, Indonesia is one of the world’s main suppliers of rubber , coffee, cocoa , and palm oil ; it also produces a wide range of other commodities, such as sugar, tea, tobacco, copra, and spices (e.g., cloves).

What products is Indonesia known for?

The products Indonesia is best known for are rubber , oil , palm oil , seafood and forest products, cocoa , coffee, medicinal herbs, and spices.

Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing?

Is it legal to relabel the apparel with your own labels when you have purchased it wholesale through a different company? Yes, it is legal within given parameters. However, there are strict guidelines governing the practice.

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Is starting a clothing line worth it?

Ultimately, it really depends on your brand and your products, so the startup cost is different for everyone. But also keep in mind, if you think you can break even quickly, it’ll definitely be worth it .

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