Bali airport taxi

How much is a taxi from Bali airport to Seminyak?

As a Bali airport taxi is the only direct transfer option from Bali airport to Seminyak , it’s easily the most convenient. Save yourself time and hassle by making the 35-minute journey by taxi . The cost for the ride into Seminyak is around 9.7€ (150,000 IDR), which is fairly reasonable for the journey length.

Is taxi expensive in Bali?

Metered taxis are common in south Bali and Denpasar (but not Ubud). Taxis are fairly cheap: Kuta to Seminyak can be 80,000Rp. Avoid any taxis where the driver won’t use a meter, even after dark when they claim that only fixed fares apply.

How much does a taxi cost from Denpasar airport to Sanur?

Everyone always asks me about Bali Taxi Prices , because they have been ripped off at least once. Don’t worry so have I, on more than one occasion. Bali Taxi Prices from Airport .

DestinationGoJek Uber Price Bali Taxi Price
PecatuRp 108,000Rp 165,000
SanurRp 95,000Rp 125,000
SeminyakRp 67,000Rp 100,000

Is there Uber in Bali airport?

Online ride apps – the likes of GOJEK, Grab, and Blue Bird taxi – are available in Bali , while Uber has been defunct in South East Asia after being acquired by Grab in early 2018. So the short answer is, yes you can, but not everywhere in Bali . Ride sharing apps have certain areas they are allowed to operate from.

Is it customary to tip in Bali?

Tipping in Bali is appreciated but it’s not required. However many service workers in Bali don’t earn very much, so even a small tip really helps. You should never feel that you have to leave a tip , especially if you received bad service and you should feel pressured.

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How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Bali?

Bali Airport Transfer: How to Get from the Airport to Your Hotel 1 Book Private Driver Online through Klook. 2 Private Pick Up via Kura-kura Airport Transfer. 3 Arrange Airport Transfer with Your Hotel . 4 Negotiate Price with Bali Airport Drivers. 5 Negotiate with Local Motorcyle Driver (Ojek)

Do taxis in Bali take credit cards?

The three main apps for getting taxis in Bali are Uber, Grab and GoJek. They each have varying degrees of success. Uber: Great for ordering car’s, longer distances and paying with credit card .

Which taxis to use in Bali?

The best taxi company by far is Blue Bird Taxi , which uses blue vehicles with a light on the roof bearing a stylised bluebird. Drivers speak reasonable English and use the meter at all times. Many expats will use no other firm. Blue Bird has a slick app that summons a taxi to your location just like Uber.

Is grab banned in Ubud?

Grab and Uber are banned in Ubud , but some tourists still get away with it. If you’re willing to take the risks (Remember my story!), do it discreetly. Ask to get picked up or dropped off in risk-free areas where there are no cops, busy tourist joints, mafia members, and metered taxis.

How much does it cost from Bali airport to Kuta?

Taxis at Ngurah Rai International Airport can take you to any and all of Bali’s regions, for a price. Airport taxis are pre-paid at the taxi counter in front, with rates ranging from IDR 100,000 (USD $7.10) for Kuta in South Bali, to IDR 850,000 (USD $60.30 ) for fares to Tulamben in faraway East Bali.

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Can you take grab from Bali airport?

Grab is the new Uber for Bali transportation. Local taxi drivers are still furious about the government allowing ride sharing apps to take a portion of their business. In April 2018 the DPS Airport in Bali set up a Grab stand at the airport , but only in the domestic arrivals terminal.

How much is a taxi from Nusa Dua to airport?

Taxi from Denpasar Airport to Nusa Dua – this is without a doubt the quickest way to get to the hotel. A car will take you to the resort in 20 minutes, but you’ll have to pay minimum $15.

Are taxis in Bali safe?

There are several taxi companies in Bali , but the one and only taxi company that have earned a reputation for its reliability and honesty is the Blue Bird Taxi Group. The Blue Bird Taxi Group’s fleet of cars are in good condition and the drivers do not hustle you for money.

Where should I stay in Bali for the first time?

Best Areas to Stay in Bali Kuta – for surfers & party lovers. Seminyak – for sunset beach bars, luxury restaurants, and shopping. Canggu – for laid-back boho-chic beach lovers. Uluwatu – upscale clifftop resorts and beach clubs. Ubud – for serenity, stunning nature and peaceful getaways.

Is Uber safe in Bali?

It’s a safe fair way for us tourists and locals to get around in Bali . Great information, thanks for sharing. ” Uber taxi, grab car and go jek are not allowed to pick up any customers in this area of Seminyak.” Those drivers know very well they are not allowed to pick up customers in Seminyak.

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