Bali Healing Body Scrubs

Lulur (60 minutes Rp. 110.000,-)
Balinese Lulur is an ancient herbal remedy from the rice farmers of Bali. It has been handed down through generations and is recognized as traditional medicine. It is believed to help warm the body, relieve aching joints as well as soothe sore

Javanese Coffee Body Scrub (60 minutes Rp. 110.000,-)
In this scrub we use coffee, one of natures remedies which helps with removing toxins and detoxifying the body. The scrub also helps in the elimination of water retention which assists in contouring and toning of the skin.

Sea Salt Scrub (60 minutes Rp. 110.000,-)
A refreshing mixture of natural sea salt lemon grass, and mint oil applied over the whole body to exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate oxygenation and to revitalize the skin.

Avocado Wrap (60 minutes Rp. 110.000,-)
A nourishing combination of avocado, honey and milk will revitalize and  nourish your skin, leaving it with a natural glow.

Hazelnut Scrub (60 minutes Rp. 110.000,-)
A mixture of crushed indigenous hazelnut and natural essential oils to moisture your and leave your skin glowing.